Monday, 6 January 2014

Resolutions, with a little Scandi inspiration.

Coat: Carven, similar here || Jumper: Cos, similar here || Trousers: Zara, similar here || Bag: Acne here || Sandals: Vagabond, similar here or here || My furry, friendly and very much alive accessory: priceless
With all the "new year, new me" talk in the air this month, i've decided to aim for resolutions that I can truthfully stick to. Therefore I think I'll scrap a promise to myself and others of a regimented gym routine (for now at least). Style resolutions are generally my best bet, so I've decided a more pared back approach to dress and a less flippant one to spending shall be my acts of reform.

My style inspiration has travelled overseas from the masters of minimalism in design, Scandinavia. In a manner far less violent than that of It's ancestral vikings, Scandi has conquered and is growingly taking over my wardrobe in both physical and wishful form. 

Brands such as Acne with their innovative and unconventional ready to wear shapes, as well as my high street favourite Cos with their focus on quality and distinctive cut. I'm inspired by the scandinavian in their balance of simplicity without compromise in uniqueness of design. Wearability seems to be key in the conception, presenting collections with pieces that stand the test of fleeting trends, yet managing to remain directional.

I hereby commit myself sincerely to a 2014 style revamp, with some hopeful involvement of my most highly pined after Swedish lines.